Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sturgis South Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis South Motorcycle Rally

This strong and solid community today consists of approximately 280 people and many businesses, churches, organizations and Diane Jackson City Park. Located about 12 miles southwest of Starkville on Highway 12, Sturgis has opened its doors to bikers from around the country for the last eleven years or so. The Mayor, Scott Smith, and the Board of Alderman have always been extremely supportive and extend a warm welcome to all riders. With Southern hospitality, the citizens, merchants and organizations also enjoy showing the bikers their town and their way of life almost as much as the bikers enjoy the welcome and warmth they receive from the minute they arrive to the minute they depart. Together, they have made for a combination that is unbeatable causing riders to come away from Sturgis with a fond appreciation for this small community... and a very strong desire to return.

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