Saturday, March 08, 2014

Samantha Fish "Smoking, amped up blues/rock” on Deltamusic Handpicked

Samantha Fish Tonight on Deltamusic Live Handpicked 

   Kansas City native Samantha Fish sings and plays at an astounding level of maturity. Her debut album "Runaway", is a convincing blend of blues, boogie, rock and country. "Smoking, amped up blues/rock that just doesn't quit and keeps you coming back for more.”

Samantha takes the sounds of the classic rock of The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, alongside contemporary artists like Sheryl Crow and The Black Crowes, in putting together a sound that has become her own.

Samantha Fish

She is only in her mid-20s, but Fish shows an impressive knowledge of and respect for music of yore and the skills and polish that should ensure her a long, bright future filling rooms of all sizes.

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