Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wake up America...The threat is Real

America you have got to WAKE UP. The threat here is very real and time is running out. What does it take to get though to you people. Is this what the people of America want? Take a look at the running national debt as displayed below. The pork filled bailout bill now in the US Senate will add over a Trillion more dollars to our national dept. Other countries are now starting to question just how the US is going to be able to cover the stunning debt obligations. America please come to your senses.

I can only suggest to get the word out to as many people you know. Broaden your news sources, as the mainstream media is controlled by the Left and they only broadcast, or print, what they want you to hear or read. The mainstream media news coverage is agenda driven and they operate under the caveat "repeat a lie long enough and they will begin to believe it."
The movie below is shocking. It not designed to scare you but only to get your attention. It is a production of Apathetic-USA.com. The web site was developed to bring enhanced visibility to this new, violent cultural cancer [Terrorism] facing humanity.

Please visit the site.You will NOT find a compilation of articles like these on any other web site!

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