Friday, March 15, 2013

Virtual Audio Streaming & Magic Camera


   Looking for a sound recorder? Want an alternative to the ‘Stereo-Mix’ that is no longer available in Windows 7 Virtual Audio Streaming is a very powerful sound recording software package for the PC. It can record all sounds from your computer, includes sounds from your applications, live music, Skype voice, Internet radio, etc.

   The perfect companion by the same company is Magic Camera. This is a must-have webcam enhancing program for webcam chat & webcam effects. It works for all Cameras including (HD) Webcams, Digital Cameras, TV/Video Capture Cards, Camcorders, IP Cameras (Directshow).

When used as a virtual webcam you can set video files, photos, screens, DVs or TV cards as Magic Camera's content and then broadcast them on IM (e.g. Skype) or broadcasting sites (e.g. Justin.tv).

The user interface is quite simple for both products. Trial versions are available.  More info is available from ShiningMorning Software Inc